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When I first began my journey to improve my health and level of fitness, I was intimidated by all the programs, gyms and personal trainer ads I found. Everywhere I turned, I saw thin or extra muscular people doing seemingly impossible things in the name of health and fitness. The idea of killing myself and facing possible injury didn't appeal to me at all. Eventually, I found the Zumba Fitness® program. I was so impressed with the program and fell in love with the inclusive environment and the joy of this dance/fitness program that I became a Licensed Zumba® instructor in June of 2011. Wanting to add to my knowledge, I became AFAA Group Exercise Certified in August 2012. I have been actively instructing Zumba® ever since and my level of fitness has improved greatly! In 2016, Zumba® introduced an innovative new fitness format called Strong Nation® and I just had get involved! Through Zumba® I had gotten great results and I was ready for a next level challenge. I no longer found some of those intimidating programs so intimidating. I became licensed that same year and have seen changes in my fitness level and body that I didn't think possible after the age of 50! The benefits of dance/exercise are many, to body, mind and spirit and I want to share the joy of Zumba Fitness® and Strong Nation® with everyone. You can do this at your own pace! Being a woman over the age of 50, I know if I can do this, YOU can too! The results you get are equal to the effort you put in and it really is as simple as that! 

You can find me at the Land O Lakes Family Fitness and the YouFit Health Clubs. 

Want to know more about the health benefits of Zumba®? Click here to read this Time Magazine article: Why Zumba is Insanely Good Exercise.